A word is the smallest free-form item that may be uttered in isolation in language. Words can be combined to create other units such as phrases clauses and sentences. Word may refer to spoken word or written word or sometimes the abstract concept behind either. And that abstract meaning is the power of the spoken language.

I was recently introduced to very inspiring book by a mentor of mine, Todd Falcone that was written by Kevin Hall entitled, “Aspire” -Discovering Your Purpose Through The Power Of Words. In the book, Kevin Hall discovers the deeper power inherited in words after a fateful encounter with a wise shopkeeper in Vienna. That led to an introduction to an esteemed etymologist named Arthur, residing in the senior home, Hall embarked on a project that changed his life, and has sense change the lives of thousands of readers.

Through this journey Mr. Hall has discourses with Arthur on words such as humility, inspire, empathy, integrity and namaste. The book was fascinating and hard to put down. Stephen Covey, the best-selling author of, “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” wrote about the book, “just as I broke new ground in human development over 20 years ago by uncovering the habits that make for a meaningful and effective life, Kevin is breaking new ground by uncovering and revealing the true intent and meaning of the words that make up those habits.”


One word in particular that drew my attention in this book was the word, Namaste, (pronounced nah-mah-STAY). When spoken, the palms of the hands are pressed together, the head is bowed, and the hands touch the heart.

Albert Einstein learned of the word and its meeting after watching Mahatma Gandhi in a newsreel greeting people in the streets of India by bowing with his hands pressed together. Albert Einstein wrote Gandhi and ask what he was saying. Gandhi replied: “Namaste. It means I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you of light, love, truth, peace, and wisdom.”

The symbolism anonymously carries a message of peace and harmony and salutes the connectivity and divinity of all beings. Namaste is so much more than simple piece. It recognizes that no one, not one soul, in the human family is exempt from receiving gifts that are uniquely his or her own. No matter how alike we may appear, not one of us is the same. Every individual is authentic. Every person is an unrepeatable miracle.

How often do we fail to recognize how unique we truly are? And how often do we squelch our natural gifts and growth in the process -when these are the very things that would make our contribution to life more valuable. How often to we fail to recognize the uniqueness of others, thus deprive ourselves from experiencing the natural gifts and contribution that can enrich our understanding and meaning of our own existence.

In the book, Arthur observed during their discussion, “the word namaste sounds like it comes from the same origin as the English word enthusiasm. Originating with the Greeks, ‘enthusiasm’ means God within or God’s gifts within.” Enthusiasm, he went on to explain is the fuel of happiness and bliss. It refers to the divine light that shines within each of us.

We are each authentic and namaste salutes authenticity. The natural “genius,” that comes from the Roman “genuinus”, which means, what you are naturally born with. Genius is nothing more, or less, then being “genuine”. And People who follow their nature developed their genius, taking it further and further with each new challenge, never being satisfied with today’s comfort zone.

But one of the most important things we must understand about the word Namaste, is the very elemental essence of the meaning, as so eloquently stated by the famous movie critic, Gene Siske, “Before we can salute the greatness within others, we need to salute to greatness within ourselves.”

I’d like to encourage you to meditate on the meaning of namaste, in you and in those around you. By doing so your life and the lives of others on our space ship earth will begin to change. If we are to continue to survive, we need to use the gifts and talents we are blessed with to evolve and fulfill a greater purpose than we can imagine . We all live on this little tiny spec of dirt in the cosmos, this small blue dot, together and if we can’t live and grow united in a common purpose for each other, we are doomed as an experiment failed only to be replaced by one that succeeds.

It’s by small incremental changes, that happen continuously and regularly, that real change actually comes about. It’s been said that, in order to eat an elephant you need to do it one bite at a time.

I’ve also included a link to a video that I find inspirational and inspiring. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

If you want to feel real meaning in your life, if you want to soar higher than you ever thought humanly possible, then feel free to be yourself. Feel free to follow your nature, acknowledge your uniqueness. Feel free to greet each other with Namasta. Life can be so much more joyous.

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