Focus On The Good Stuff

Today I’d like to share a resource that I think is one of the most useful I’ve come across in the last few years. It’s become a valuable tool for people like me that are always on the run and never seem to be able to focus on any one thing for a long period of time.

If you like to read good books that are positive, informative and inspiring then you should take a look at this website and see what I mean. The site is called Brevity Brief and every week or so they take a popular book and preform a review. Each Brevity Brief includes a video, audio, PDF, and a web version. The content consists of Key Insights, Recommended Action Items, the Wisdom Summary and a discussion area.

Below is a small example excerpt from the latest brief, number 64 in the series called, “Focus on the Good Stuff “, by Mike Robbins. The target is to review 104 books in the current series, but that could go on to be more in the future. There is a nominal subscription fee of $97, but it well worth the investment for all the great content. Here is a link to check it out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Key Insights:
Recognize and Own Your Negativity
Expect What You Want to Happen
Fill Other People’s Buckets
Acknowledge Good Stuff and Potential
Tame Your Inner Gremlin

One doesn’t have to search far for negative commentary and criticism in our world. It’s pervasive, and it’s detrimental. The constant negative chatter around us tends to suck us in and feeds our inner critic. The result is that we end up doubting our abilities and creating more stress in our lives. In short, we become all too good at seeing what is wrong, instead of seeing what is right or possible.

In Focus on the Good Stuff, author Mike Robbins offers a plan for removing the cloud of negativity that surrounds us. He suggests that the art of appreciation—of yourself, of others, and of the situations you face—is the key. Appreciation allows you to improve relationships and to create greater success and fulfillment. It can also bring you a deep sense of gratitude for yourself, others, and for life itself.

Mike Robbins is a former pitcher with the Kansas City Royals organization. He is a sought after keynote speaker, consultant and coach with a client list that includes AT&T, Chevron, the U.S. Department of Labor, Kaiser Permanente, New York Life Insurance, and Stanford University.

Focus on the Good Stuff is one of those books that every entrepreneur and small business owner can learn from. Much of the success of any business initiative lies in the ability of the people involved to manage their mindset, and the advice Robbins provides is intended for just that purpose. It is practical, useful, and directed right at one of the underlying, though often ignored, causes of failure in business.

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